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Industrial Craftsmanship.

Custom-Made With Innovation.


Some said design is the creation of a plan, a construction of an object, or a concept of an imagination. “We say it is a doorway that leads us to the human interplay”

The spirit inside of AORTA, has always been alongside with your daily life! Our Logic based on a combination of manner and forms, a method of expression in between the observation of Formal & Casual environment, we view things in relation to its complete form.

The philosophy of AORTA can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposite) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which we believe the whole is greater than assembled parts.

“Shadows do not exist without lights”. The relationship goes beyond balance, when two things are perfectly balanced, they are equal but yet separated….


The AORTA leather goods not only will last you a lifetime! The striking trait of vegetable-tanned leather which builds up its natural beauty over time, to develop its own character, and to show off all the beatings you’ve been through with it. The more natural marks & scratches you create, the more personalize it turns. Indeed this is the special characteristic of vegetable-tanned leather!

We wish our products to be part of your life, to provide an alternative holistic luxury experience, and to create meaningful long lasting leather goods to our customers.

Our products both traditional and unconventional are thoroughly designed for usability with simplified structure to withstand heavy usage. We also put our focus on genuine craftsmanship producing and sourcing all raw materials in each items.

Your vegetable-tanned leather will require a little care. The item has been coated with a gentle protection cream however, it is important that you follow the guidelines below. For the first month of actual use, avoid taking the handbag out in wet weather. This should give the fibers sufficient time to become more flexible and therefore less likely to react to water.

After the first month of use any spots of water or rain can be gently wiped into the leather, rather than allowing droplets to just sit on the surface. When your bag is new please be aware that excess dye may still be on the outside edges. If you wish to clean your handbag, you can purchase a clean & care kit from the AORTA online store.


Remaining faithful to the original spirit and style of AORTA, whilst developing products that responded to the needs of the moment, combining tradition, design and innovation to the essential and elegant forms. Every single product are combining machinery and handmade touch with outstanding precision. We create easy and convenient utility products that suits all your daily routines.


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